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Say Yes to the Right Dress

You’ve been dreaming of wearing a Cinderella ball gown since you were 10 years old. Then at age 17, you just knew your wedding dress was going be the sexiest dress ever made. Now your 25, trends have changed, and your sense of fashion is “established”. So, will the dress in those clippings in that hidden scrapbook be the best dress you’ll ever wear? Here are 6 tips to help you make that happen:

  • Consider your Body Type. We’re all beautifully presented in different shapes and sizes, and designers are making dresses that cater to every body shape. Don’t get caught up in the latest trends or the look that most often adorn your favorite bridal magazine. Your wedding dress should be flattering to the uniqueness of you.

Ivory silk and chiffon wedding dress beaded with pearls ? view from the back_edi

  • Identify your best Silhouette. We all know that the dresses worn by the size two models in those bridal catalogs are not always one size fits all. No one knows what looks best on you than you, so choose a silhouette that will enhance your best features, and your own style.

  • Set a budget. There are so many wonderful designers producing extraordinary dresses, and many are made to fit the price point of the bride on a strict budget, or the bride with unlimited funds. Once you know what you’re wedding attire budget is, you’ll find it easier to find a dress that won’t send your overall wedding budget into the red.

  • Think about your Location. The location you choose for your wedding should play a major role in the style of dress you choose. For instance, a ball gown with multiple layers underneath might be too heavy to elegantly trudge across sand at a beach wedding.

  • Try more than one dress. The best way to know what looks best on you, is to try different styles, designs, and silhouettes. Now, it is possible that the first dress you try will be the one you choose, but it won’t hurt to try on others, just to be sure. Alternately, set a limit on the number of dresses you will try, or establish a decision due date and stick to it. Trying on dresses could be exciting and you could get carried away and forget your mission – finding that dress!

  • Love the dress. You’re bound to fall in love with more than one style, just make sure the dress you buy is a dress you love and feel comfortable in. Try it more than once if you have to. Don’t settle for what everyone else thinks is the one. You will know “the one” when you find it.

Let’s face it, the big reveal of the bride’s attire is always a highlight at the wedding. Make it an entrance that makes even your heart skip a beat.

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