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Month-of vs Day-of Wedding Coordinating Packages

Here’s a topic that has become debatable in the wedding industry, yet highly informative for a bride-to-be. Many couples today are realizing the significance of having a neutral party assist with executing a successful and memorable wedding. This is where the debate begins. Most planners offer either a day-of or month-of wedding day package, and some offer both. So what’s the difference? How do you know which package would work best for you? Let’s briefly explore these options.

Day-of Coordinating. A day-of coordinator will be there on the day of your event to execute everything you planned for your day. Perhaps during the

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week or two prior to your wedding there will be one or two meetings or phone conferences with the vendors you’ve hired. This coordinator may have a high level understanding of the concepts you’re going for, but is not expected to understand your vision. The intimate details of your wedding gets lost behind ticking off a checklist, like processional, first dance, and cake cutting. Ensuring Uncle Walter is served the gluten free dessert, or even knowing who Uncle Walter is, will not be a concern.

Usually, event venues will sell a day-of coordinator as a wedding coordinator. A day-of package may offer 10hrs or less to you in total, including any time spent preparing in the days prior. If you are confident all the work you’ve done will be a walk in the park for anyone to take over and execution, a day-of coordinating package is for you.

Month-of Coordinating. So you’ve planned the perfect wedding, you have all the details, you’ve hired all your vendors, and you’re just waiting to share in the best day of your life. A month-of package from an experienced wedding planner will give you the freedom to enjoy your wedding day. Your planner will have 4-6 weeks to meet all your vendors, visit your site, meet your bridal party and/or significant members of your families, and most importantly, understand your vision for your wedding. You get to fully partake in the festivities in the role you were meant for.

So which option works best for you? We suggest you decide what you want. Know the most important reason you want to hire a planning. A day-of package will be the most cost effective, but there’s a good chance a month-of package will bring better results. At Jai Weddings and Events, we start every contract by getting to know you and understanding you’re vision for your event. Once we have you’re expectations, we take the time to know your vendors, visit your venues, and develop a hit list that includes all your wants.

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