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Adding Color to Your Event

So, you simply adore orange, you’re mother-in-law wants green, and you're fiancé is obsessed with pewter gray. Which one should you choose? Here's an idea... why not use all three? And while you’re at it, add a neutral like ivory. This may seem like a crazy idea, but let's apply these four rules below, and let’s see what happens.

  • Find a common tone for each color.For instance, neutral tones of orange and green could be salmon and teal.Consult the color wheel for various shades and their under-tones of your desired colors

  • Choose one or two colors as your main colors and have fun with them. Dresses, table linens, floral arrangements, and room décor are great options to play with.

  • Choose one color as you’re main accent color.Add it in subtle places like napkin rings, or a ribbon. This makes the difference between elegance and shabby (sans the chic).

  • Create a theme that is found throughout your whole event. This will unify the motive for all the colors in your event, and justify the method for your madness.


The result – a sophisticated mix of color that makes everyone happy. And

most importantly, there’s absolutely no way your marriage begins with your mother-in-law calling the shots!

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