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Managing Your Bridal Party


Planning your wedding can be a taxing and stressful endeavor. But more so than making sure that vendors provide every item promised in their contract, and praying that it doesn’t rain, one of the most stressful parts of getting ready for your big day can be managing your bridal party.

You might step back and ask yourself, “Wait, aren’t I the one getting married here?” while bridesmaids, mothers, in-laws, sisters and cousins throw tantrums over what you will or will not do for your big day.

A wedding coordinator can step in and take this undue stress off of your shoulders. Recently, we held a planning tea party to help make sure that the bridal party was on the same page and knew exactly what was expected of them. The idea behind the tea party was to get everyone in the same place in a relaxed setting to discuss the duties and responsibilities of each member of the party. They all heard the same message from the bride, and the meeting established the authority our wedding coordinator now held as a professional partner to the bride in the wedding.

As you may know asking people to be responsibility for their roles in your wedding or to help you with different aspects of the planning can sometimes be like walking through a minefield of potentially hurt feelings and ruined relationships. However we found the setting for the meeting, an afternoon tea, allowed for in depth conversation about dress styles and color, even the necessity of to wear proper undergarments on the day of. Having your wedding coordinator host this event takes the heat off of the bride, especially when dealing with some of the more touchy subjects.

A brides needs usually vary dramatically from that of her attendants and family. At Jai Weddings and Events, our approach is to understand what those needs are, help you visualize your day, and interpret those visions into reality. Contact us today to talk about a ways we can help you control the people you chose to participate in your special day.

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