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You Said Yes... Now what?

Congratulations, he asked, and you said yes. Hopefully, he made sure it was memorable. But now your beginning to stress. Here are the first five things we think you should do to stay on track.

  • Enjoy the moment. This is the time to celebrate with your fiance. Take a short vacation, plan a special night out, or just spend a quiet weekend alone. You'll need it, because your love is about to be tested!

  • Set a budget. Who's paying, and for what? One of the biggest mistakes couples make is nto to solidify the budget. Knowing how much you have to spend sets the stage for type of wedding you will have.

  • Set a date. Choose a date that works for both of you, then think of the special people in your life. For example, you met in June and want to get married in June, but his mother is celebrating her 6oth birthday that month, what do you do? Don't ask me... you both need to decide what, and who, is most important.

  • Hire a Wedding consultant. Some blogs will tell you this is the first step. But honestly, the best consultant or coordinator will tell you that more details you have solidified before your initial consultation, the better your working relationship will be. A consultant can guide you to the vendors, products and services you need. It's best if you have an idea what you want your wedding to be. At Jai Weddings and Events, we make your vision our reality.

  • Stay committed. I could tell you that you could take a back seat and I got this. Actually, I'm confident I do. But do you want me to? Why should I have all the fun. Stay involved and enjoy the planning as much as I will.

So, where do you start? This should get you going… Let Jai Weddings and Events take you to the finish line. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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